Burlington Vermont (2007), Shakin’ Michael J formed.  This ragtag group of friends committed to sonically champion the spirit/values of each music scene they respectively grew up around (Boston+New York Hardcore Rock n' Roll).

After a brief separation due to geographic circumstances, the band ended up together again, uniting in Seattle with the addition of a new drummer, and an old East Coast friend joining on bass. As the saga continues to unfold SMJ is running and gunning harder than ever, ferociously playing shows (ushering in a new coast of dedicated fans and unforgettable live performances), writing new tunes, and recording.

The band released a full length record (Ruin Everything) and E.P. (Speed it up!) in 2010 through Abomination Nation Records. SMJ is about playing Hardcore Rock n’ Roll with influence from reggae, metal, and rockabilly while bringing a good time punk energy to the Seattle and national scenes.  Look for a few comps a 7" and an E.P. mid 2013. SMJ is an anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-pretentious band. Have fun, crack a beer, and yell along.